Shipping & Returns


How do I get my tickets?

After we receive your order we manually process it. At that point an email will be sent out to you to print or bring on your phone. Once you've paid for a ticket you'll get in!

I can't print my email, Oh no!

We prefer it if you can bring your ticket email either printed or on your phone. If this proves to be impossible we can check our door list, bring ID and you should still get in

I have no ticket / email - Help!

Make sure you are checking the right account - sometimes people pay using a Paypal email address that is different to the one they used to register for our store - and any spam folders you may have. If you are sure they are right then hang on, it'll arrive!

Hello, anybody there?

Yes! We are a small independent venue and have limited resources, so please be patient when emailing our Ticket Team, we can always help and because we are not a huge corporation we can look after you properly.

Need help? Email us at

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